Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas images from my inbox

Here are some Christmas images fresh from my inbox....

Mark Adams
- somewhere in the South Island of NZ
Narbonne, France, 2007

Thekla Ehling
- Cologne

Paul Graham - New York
Moonlight on Waves, New Zealand, 2010.

Louis Porter
- Melbourne
Thomastown 2009

....and on the subject of Christmas, analysis from the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation finds that Christmas is a dangerous time, with around 3,000 injuries occurring each year on Christmas Day alone.

The ACC has analysed Christmas accidents over the past five years and found around 400 accidents were related to Christmas tree mishaps.

Another 100 accidents relate to Christmas tree lights, mostly to do with tripping over them or falling while putting them up.

Lifting or unwrapping presents is also a hidden danger, with 170 injuries recorded. Forty-one percent occurred lifting, carrying or picking up presents, 24 percent happened while wrapping presents and 20 percent happened while presents were being unwrapped.

Twenty percent of accidents are related to ham, turkey or chicken with burns and cuts in the kitchen common, often after a few drinks. People dropping frozen turkeys on their feet also feature.

ACC has listed a number of ways to stay safe over Christmas including making sure stairs are well-lit and clear of obstacles such as toys, sports equipment and shoes. It recommends taking stairs one at a time and using the handrail.

ACC says when using a ladder, ask someone to hold it steady and make sure the ladder is stable before climbing up. Always keep at least three points of contact, for example two feet and one hand.

My advice is to stay in bed all day on the 25th!

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