Friday, December 31, 2010

9 Questions Photographers Frequently Ask

I'm sure many of us have asked ourselves these questions....

1. How do I get the work out there and visible against the flood of a zillion other photographers and their images?

2. Is it possible to get a publisher interested enough to actually publish the work and get the book widely distributed?

3. Why is it that I see so many decorative, lightweight photographs on gallery walls with red stickers and my work which I think is substantial and authentic never sells?

4. How can I find a galerist who really knows what they are doing, knows about photography and is as committed to my work as I am? And can sell it.

5. Where do I get constructive, critical feedback on the work beyond the usual comments from friends, "wow, I like that"?

6. How can I develop a unique voice for the work, one which is completely my own, that fits and extends my vision?

7. How do I make the work better, tougher?

8. Is it ok to feel so insecure and uncertain about the work?

9. Why am I doing this crazy thing anyway?

If you can't identify with any of these questions give it up NOW!


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