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NY ART BOOK FAIR - September 21-23, 2018

Printed Matter presents the thirteenth annual NY Art Book Fair, from September 21-23, 2018, at MoMA PS1. The NY Art Book Fair (NYABF) is the leading international gathering for the distribution of artists’ books, celebrating the full breadth of the art publishing community.

Free and open to the public, the event draws more than 35,000 individuals including book lovers, collectors, artists, and art world professionals each year. In 2018, the NYABF will host 365 exhibitors from around the world featuring a wide variety of works – from zines and artists’ books to antiquarian books and contemporary art editions. The NYABF offers countless opportunities to attend free programs including artist-led discussions, performances, interactive workshops, and curated exhibitions.

See a full list of exhibitors participating in the 2018 NY Art Book Fair HERE


The Classroom
Celebrating its tenth year! The Classroom provides space for informal lectures, readings, screenings and other activities by artists, writers, designers and publishers. The program highlights exciting new releases at the Fair and fosters dialogue around important themes for contemporary art publishing and the broader community. Participants include: Ann Butler, Johanna Drucker, Lia Gangitano, Nontsikelelo Mutiti, Tammy Nguyen, Jeanine Tang, Lynne Tillman, Ruth van Beek, and Martha Wilson, among many others. Organized by David Senior, Head of the Library and Archives, SFMOMA.

See the full Classroom schedule 
Contemporary Artists’ Books Conference (CABC)
This year the Conference relocates to the newly opened Book Culture space at 26-09 Jackson Ave, just a few blocks away. Join us on Friday and Saturday for lively debate on hot topics and emerging practices.
Planned session topics include queer and trans perspectives in artist publishing, migration and diasporic community-based publishing, vernacular photography with poetry and prose, the history and influence ofAvalanche magazine, and the relationship of comics and graphic novels to artists’ books and the fine arts.
See the full CABC schedule here
Friendly Fire
A component of the NYABF since its inception in 2006, Friendly Fire features presses and artists' collectives that practice different forms of cultural, social and political activism. This year's participants include 8-Ball Community, Allied Productions, Inc, Interference Archive, Justseeds Artists' Cooperative, True Laurels, and Visual AIDS among others. Curated by Printed Matter’s Executive Director Max Schumann.

See the full Friendly Fire list here
Shannon Michael Cane Award
The Shannon Michael Cane Award is granted to four first-time NYABF exhibitors (artists, artists' book publishers, or collectives) in the early stages of their career. The inaugural year winners are backbone booksIan Giles,MonoRhetorikand Sming Sming Books.
Courtyard Stage
The Courtyard Stage has a ten year history of showcasing emerging talent alongside legendary artists and will host performances from musicians and sound artists to poets and performance artists running throughout the fair weekend. This year's programs are presented by Blank FormsPrinted Matter, Inc.Heavy Trip, and Pioneer Works.
A History of Zines!
Printed Matter proudly presents a wide-reaching historical exhibition of zine publishing across the 20th century and onward, beginning with science-fiction and underground horror publications of the 1920s, and concluding with new works created on occasion of this year’s NYABF. A History of Zines! gathers more than 400 self-published works and related archival materials, spanning genres and offering an unmediated view into various subcultures and grassroots activism, including LGBTQ, punk, hip-hop, the Mimeo Revolution, photography, skateboarding, the Beats, and feminism. A selection of zines will be available for browsing.
A History of Zines! is dedicated to the memory and legacy of Shannon Michael Cane, a beloved member of the Printed Matter staff who played an indelible role in developing the NY and LA Art Book Fairs during his time as Curator of Fairs & Editions.
Curated by 8-Ball Community and Johan Kugelberg/Boo-Hooray

3 Dot Zine will create an immersive interactive reading room featuring an installation of The Free Black Women’s Library, an interactive Black Feminist mobile trading library and interactive biblio installation that features a collection of 1000 books written by Black women. The Yellow Jackets Collective and 3 Dot Zine are tabling new zines and printed matter sourced from a diverse group of artists and zine makers around the country. Khari Johnson Ricks will share zines and prints from his ongoing printmaking practice. Amoss Eff’s wearable hand printed textiles collection, Warefamos, will be available within a special display created for 'Welcome, A Space'. Following in the tradition of the 3 Dot Zine’s Brown Paper Zine & Small Press Fair for Black and PoC Artists, this environment and all artists and collectives who will take part in setting the intentions and possibilities of this space are of color. Zines from Margot Terc, Cósmica, Discipline Press and more will also be available.
Alden Projects™ presents Richard McGuire: Art for the Streets New York 1979-82, a special exhibition and book launch, featuring Richard McGuire’s original “Ixnae Nix” street drawings. Described by Glenn O’Brien as “cryto-mystical” in his review of the New York/New Wave show at P.S.1, Queens in 1981, McGuire returns again in 2018 with vintage, spray-painted works depicting his “Ixnae Nix” shadow character surrounded by enigmatic texts drawn in crayon. Also present: McGuire’s distinctive original art for posters for the influential post-punk band Liquid Liquid, of which he was a founding member. McGuire’s ephemeral art is accompanied by black-and-white photographs of the downtown streetscapes where they originally appeared. Published by Alden Projects™ with an introduction by Luc Sante and an interview by Todd Alden, the book is also available in a deluxe edition of 100, containing unique art by Richard McGuire.
Gagosian participates with a special project space conceived in collaboration with choreographer William Forsythe, exploring visual and notational approaches to dance and movement.

Forsythe is a radical innovator in choreography and dance who has redefined the very syntax and praxis of his field. In the course of his singular career spanning five decades, he has developed an extensive repertoire of groundbreaking ballet choreographies and experimental, non-proscenium-based dance-theater works, as well as an open-access digital platform for dance analysis, notation, and improvisation. He has also been working for more than twenty years on installations, film works, and discrete, interactive sculptures that he calls "choreographic objects”, which are the subject of a survey exhibition at the ICA Boston this fall. 

At the NYABF, printed materials and videos by Forsythe will be featured alongside selected Gagosian publications, as well as additional books and ephemera that reveal Forsythe’s wide-ranging influences and interests including Chris Burden, Katharina Grosse, Richard Serra, Cy Twombly, and Rachel Whiteread. 
Martos Gallery presents an exhibition of works and notebooks by Dan Asher. Asher passed away in 2010 and left behind studios filled with paintings, sculpture, video, and works on paper. In March 2018, Martos Gallery had its first solo exhibition with The Estate of Dan Asher which presented an array of work and included a zine made in collaboration with RATSTAR Press. The zine presented a selection of pages from hundreds of Asher’s notebooks. Asher's borderline hoarding is reflected in his obsessive compulsive production of thousands of works, including notes, mind maps, phone numbers, doodles, and ideas; his thoughts, scribbled down like quick-fire, spill over the edges of the pages, and for this special presentation at NYABF, they spill onto the walls.
onestar press and Three Star Books are pleased to present new limited edition artists’ book editions by AA Bronson, Gabriel Kuri, Ebecho Muslimova and a new fiberglass tray edition from Rirkrit Tiravanija. Daniel Gordon will be featured by onestar press this year, taking his digital and analog works to a new level with a dedicated exhibition project presented alongside his new CAMERA ARTIST portfolio projects.
Karma will present two new screenprint portfolios by artists Shio Kusaka and Nicolas Party.
Marian Goodman Gallery will present a special selection of new print editions, objects and books by their artists, including Leonor Antunes, Christian Boltanski, Ettore Spalletti, and Danh Vo.
Press Press will release their newest publication, Sentiments: Expressions of Cultural Passage, a compilation of conversations, artist projects, and writings exploring cultural passage, immigrant identity, and notions of sanctuary, with an interactive exhibition and series of programs in MoMA PS1's courtyard project space. The space will feature artworks produced by Sentiments contributors and display Press Press’s Manifesto for Sanctuary-Building and Sanctuary-Keeping, a collaboratively-built manifesto Press Press has created with immigrants and immigrant-adjacent people through workshops in Baltimore, New York City, and Chicago that highlights various visions of sanctuary and proposes strategies for creating and protecting those visions. Visitors can attend a number of programs hosted by the group, including Readings on Sanctuary in the project space, where contributors will declare their manifesto and more, and a panel conversation with the project’s editor, Kimi Hanauer, and co-organizers, Valentina Cabezas, Bomin Jeon, and Bilphena Yahwon, as part of The Classroom.
We the News is a series of story circles with Black immigrants and first-generation Black Americans that are documented in zines and distributed publicly through a newsstand. The project is by Lizania Cruz, with support from The Laundromat Project in collaboration with BAJI.
Werkplaats Typografie is taking shelter in the basement, seeking comfort amongst glowing gilded conduits and generously thick brick walls. How are you dealing with the temperatures in PS1? Do you need a break? A hot chocolate? A blanket perhaps? Did you know that warm air rises to the ceiling? We read somewhere that if one is feeling cold, one should put their ceiling fan on its lowest setting, in clockwise direction, to push the hot air back to the floor where one can feel it. Boiler rooms are not usually known to be the most suitable spaces for simmering down, nevertheless we’d love to warmly welcome you to come down to our Boiling Room for Hot Reading, where you will be provided with some freshly forged (pre)texts and plenty other excellent reasons to chill.
The Werkplaats Typografie (WT), part of the ArtEZ University of the Arts, is a modeling agency, a part-time air quality management venture and a full time metal workshop located in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
Printed Matter presents new limited-edition artworks by Laylah Ali, Ryan Gander, and Eileen Quinlan. Fundraising editions support Printed Matter’s year-round work of providing resources to artists and championing the artists' book medium through programs including NY and LA Art Book Fair.

Saturday, August 25, 2018 - the only photo resource you will ever need

I've probably mentioned before on my blog. Have just checked out their site and I feel they deserve another mention. Subdivided into four categories - artists, exhibitions, events and institutions, the depth of material in remarkable. Currently there are detailed listings for 48,163 artists, 3,130 exhibitions, 1,043 events and 16,203 institutions. What's more there is no arm twisting to pay big $ to enter this that or the other contest. 

You can go to HERE, where apart from what I've mentioned above there is the option to sign up for their regular mailings, either daily or weekly. Do it, a treat awaits! 

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PARIS PHOTO aperture foundation Photobook Awards - the shortlist jury

Here is the shortlist Jury for the aperture foundation PARIS PHOTO PhotoBook Awards:
Lucy Gallun, Associate Curator, Department of Photography at MoMA
Kristen Lubben, Executive Director of Magnum Foundation 
Yasufumi Nakamori, Curator
Christoph Wiesner, Artistic Director of Paris Photo
Lesley A. Martin, Creative Director of Aperture Foundation

You can read more about the jury HERE.

This year's selected shortlist will be exhibited around the world and be featured in the fall 2018 edition of The PhotoBook Review, issue 015 (published by Aperture Foundation), to be released at Paris Photo, 8-11 November.  The winner of the First PhotoBook Award will also receive a $10,000 prize. 

Final weeks to submit! And for those who have submitted, thank you! We appreciate your contribution to the evolving narrative of photography.

Call closes September 14, 2018, 5:00 p.m. EST 
Books must arrive at Aperture Foundation by September 14 to be considered.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Photographers whose work I like - No33/ Tash Hopkins

I came across Tash Hopkins Western Springs portrait series because Tash was one of a small number of nominees for the Urbanautica Institute's People in Communities award. It's clear why Tash's portraits were noticed and nominated, they have a clear-eyed authenticity, each with an intangible something that takes the images out of the ordinary. 

Tash says this: The Western Springs Project is a long term and ongoing study of youth at High School in New Zealand. Looking beyond common media perceptions of teenagers, I want to show the individuality and depth of an often stereotyped section of society. I photographed this series on a large format camera using film because it slows the creation of an image and allows a more measured study of the person I'm photographing. 

You can check out more of Tash Hopkins work on her website HERE and go to the Urbanautica Institute HERE.

Here are the photographs:

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Ron Jude at gallery luisotti Santa Monica CA

Ron Jude is one of my favourite camera artists. His work always challenges and comes with layered mysteries to be solved.

Jude's new series titled 12 Hz 
references the limits of human perception—12 Hz is the lowest sound threshold of human hearing. It suggests imperceptible forces, from plate tectonics to the ocean tides, from cycles of growth and decay in the forest, to the incomprehensibility of geological spans of time. 
The photographs in 12 Hz allude to the ungraspable scale and veiled mechanics of these phenomena, while acknowledging a desire to gain a broader perspective, beyond the human enterprise, in a time of ecological and political crisis.

This first installation of 12 Hz consists of large-scale black and white images of lava tubes, tidal currents, river water and welded tuff formations: pictures describing the raw materials of the planet, those that make organic life possible. The photographs were made in the state of Oregon, from the high lava plains in the Deschutes National Forest to the gorges in the Cascade Range, and the sea caves and tide pools near Cape Perpetua on the Oregon coast.
Jude’s new work affiliates him with the ethos of the Dark Mountain Project, a cultural movement that grew out of a manifestowritten in 2009 by the English writers Paul Kingsnorth and Dougald Hine. Among the principal concerns of this movement is the urgent conviction that literature and art need to pivot away from “the myth of human centrality,” and to “re-engage with the non-human world.” In doing so, this work asks: how does one depict the indifference of the non-human world to our egocentrism and folly without simply offering false comfort by looking away from our reckless actions? Is it possible to engage the landscape in a meaningful way without resorting to formal trivialities, moralizing or personal narrative?
These photographs don’t attempt to tell us how to live or what we’ve done wrong, nor do they reduce the landscape to something sentimental, tame and possessable. Rather, they endeavor to describe and reckon with forces in our physical world that operate independently of anthropocentric experience. The photographs in 12 Hz work in service to a simple premise: that change is constant, whether we are able to perceive it or not.

The exhibition opens this Saturday August 25 and continues until September 17.
You can go to the gallery luisotti website HERE and Ron Jude's site HERE