Friday, December 17, 2010

China Stories in Athens

Cologne based curator Tina Schelhorn recently mounted her CHINA STORIES exhibition at the Athens Photography Festival. The show included work from twelve photographers:

Harvey Benge, Auckland, New Zealand
Steven Benson, Daytona Beach FL, USA
Luis Delgado, San Francisco CA, USA
Oyvind Hjelmen, Stord, Norway
Ferit Kuyas, Wädenswill, Switzerland
Pok Chi Lau, Lawrence KS, USA
Elaine Ling, Toronto, Canada
Chris Rauschenberg, Portland OR, USA
Frank Rothe, Berlin, Germany
Gerard Saitner, Singapore / Paris, France
Matthew Sleeth, Melbourne, Australia
Wolfgang Zurborn, Cologne, Germany

Tina showed my CHINA STORY work and in the absence of prints cut up a couple of my CHINA STORY bookworks and ran a long line of pages on the gallery wall. Judging from the crowd in the photo above the audience was interested enough to get involved with the pictures.


Vouts said...

Hey Harvey!
I am happily surprised to hear Tina used a book instead of prints :)
Amazing idea!It gives us the illusion of browsing through a family scrapbook or sth.
And of course great photos.
Greetings from Athens

Harvey's Blog said...

Thanks Dimitris, I appreciate your comments. Greetings from Auckland.