Monday, December 6, 2010

Anders Petersen and JH Engström talk about rabbits

"please be horrible!
tear down your photography into pieces.
don't bother about glamour,
destroy the surface,
take care of your innocence,
your fantasy is more important than reality

remember, your pictures are jumping like rabbits into your
camera when you understand
photography is not about photography"

Anders Petersen

"for me workshops are about starting a bigger process.
a workshop should not end when it ends.
maybe it doesn't even start until it ends.
and that's a great thing.

during the week we all together should open up and
embrace each other's fears and weak spots

to push the button is not that difficult.
it's much more difficult to have the courage to
make photographs that are talking about things
that really matter to one and each one of use.

let's be courageous!"

JH Engström

Two simple but enlightened quotes from Petersen and Engström setting the tone for a workshop they will give together in Las Palmas, March 2011.
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The photograph: Anders Petersen

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