Monday, January 7, 2019

Paris Photo - The Interviews

In Paris Photo's Christmas mailing they included a link to 43 short but superb interviews with many of todays leading camera artists. 

Paris Photo said this: we invite you to follow Paris Photo online with the Agenda featuring the latest events of our partnering galleries and institutions across the globe, the Interviews with in-depth look at photography with today’s leading artists, or catch what you missed at the fair with videos and podcasts from the 2018 edition.

I've just looked at a few of the interviews, they are short and sweet and well worth a look. Agnes Varda for example who states simply I try to be honest about what I speak about. Mitch Epstein, to take the strange and exceptional... to see it with clarity. Roger Ballen, birds link the heavens to the earth.

What seemed to be common to all the interviews was a sense of down to earth honesty and humility. There were no pretentious attempts talk up the work with bullshit art-speak, a strategy usually employed by lesser artists.

The Paris Photo link is HERE. Go for it.

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