Tuesday, January 15, 2019

onestar press, Paris, presents new works from Daniel Gordon

The ever inventive, not to mention ground-breaking, Paris based onestar press present a series of 31 new photographs from New York based artist Daniel Gordon. 

onestar says this: Objects as seen through the prism of Daniel Gordon’s lens are never as simple as they appear. The NY based photographer teams with onestar press, presenting 31 new works in a series entitled Au Bon Marché, literally hand-picking a selection of his sculpted paper fruits, vegetables and objects and isolating each to highlight their singularly crafted details. It is evident from first glance that these 31 new works go beyond photography with the artist’s ever constant triangulation of painting, collage and cut out; they are digitally sourced, printed, sculpted and analogue photographed before re-emerging as digitally composed images that are pigment printed and paired with watercolor stained wood frames. From Cezanne, to Seurat and Matisse, Daniel Gordon emerges from his photographic practice with a new way of looking, removing the glass that separates a viewer from the photograph to define a new, unique tableau conceived as a whole also including the colored frames as components of the works. The title of this new series Au Bon Marché was inspired by the artist's recent visit to Paris and the history of Le Bon Marché, one of the first modern department stores that was inaugurated in 1838. 

Daniel Gordon is best known for producing large colour photographs that operate somewhere between collage and set-up photography. His work, as described by The New York Times, "Involves creating figurative tableaus from cut paper and cut-out images that Mr. Gordon then photographs. In addition, he seems motivated by a deeply felt obsession with the human body and the discomforts of having one." He has exhibited his work in solo exhibitions at Zach Feuer Gallery, Wallspace, and Leo Koenig, Inc., Projekte in New York City and Claudia Groeflin Gallery in Zürich, Switzerland. Gordon has been included in exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, the Saatchi Gallery in London, Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois, and he was included in MoMA PS1's Greater New York 2010. He is the author of Portrait Studio (onestar press, 2009) and Flying Pictures (powerHouse books, 2009).[10] His work is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gordon was a guest lecturer at Sarah Lawrence College in 2009.

You can go to the onestar press website HERE. And Daniel Gordon's website HERE.

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