Wednesday, September 13, 2017

HOME TOWN DREAM - A new 40 page bookwork with 38 photographs


The photographs included in this bookwork are part of another work that considers the nature of dreams, due for trade publication in 2018. The expanded edition has 91 photographs which were made in 18 cities around the world. 38 of the pictures in that book were made in my home town, Auckland, New Zealand. In this experimental work I simply wanted to see what would happen if I constructed this book only using the Auckland pictures, placing them in the same order that they will appear in the expanded trade edition. This makes for a picture sequence that is totally random and constructed without the use of logic or intuition. Make of it what you will.

This 40 page book, 210 x 148 mm with 38 photographs is in a signed and numbered edition of 50 copies.

Each book comes with a signed and numbered limited edition print, which you can see at the top of this post along with the cover of the book.

Copies can be obtained directly from me at:
Prices are, €21 / £20 / US$25 / NZ$35, the price include packing and postage. For payment you can simply log on to my PayPal account using my email address above.

Below are some of the spreads from the books:

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