Saturday, September 9, 2017

David Alan Harvey - "it starts right here at home"


Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey writes on his Instagram feed HERE that photography starts at home. My reading of that is that the best photography, authentic photography comes from the heart and the things we care about.

Here is Davis Alan Harvey wrote: End of summer front porch hang time. No big party. Just a few friends. Quiet. Moon. September a time for back to school back to work. I'm finishing up my project at home. Time to take a close look at all I've shot. I always feel like I didn't quite do enough, yet it's all I thought about all I did and all I tried to do. Those I mentor know well that I push them to photograph what is right around them either literally or psychologically. I'll be off soon to New York for my October workshops and to finish shooting at my second home soon to be gone. Keep your eye on my IG Stories in the coming weeks. I'll be reviewing books by some amazing photographers and also giving some insights into the thought process for making a book. In my case it all starts right here at home. What you care about is what you should photograph. How you feel how you think and what motivates your very being. You must write your own song. That can only come from inside. Photography is such a beautiful vehicle for traveling the road of life. I can't think of any other tool that quite allows the same freedoms of both experience and expression. Summer is over, yet adventure awaits.

You can see more of Harvey's work on his action packed website HERE.

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