Monday, August 24, 2015

PHOTO SHANGHAI - In its second edition, 11-13 September

Now in its second edition, Photo Shanghai returns to the Shanghai Exhibition Centre from 11-13 September. The organisers say this: ...with an objective of positioning Shanghai as THE destination  for Western collectors to acquire both emerging and established artists from across the Asia Pacific region. It will also affirm itself as the place where collectors from the East can easily access photography from the West, for the first time on this scale. 

The fair, small by European standards, has a varied and interesting offering and is not to be underestimated.
With around 50 participating galleries you can see work at Gagosian NYC et al, Flowers London, Taka Ishii Tokyo, Stanley-Wise NYC and Magnum.
In Asia for the first time, a special museum scale exhibition of 156 works by celebrated American artist Taryn Simon will be presented by Gagosian. Simon’s seminalBirds of the West Indies series showcases the artists unique weaving of photography, text and graphic design which has made her one of the finest contemporary photographers working today.  And there is a "talks" programe with presentations from Peter MacGill, Erwin Olaf, Zelda Cheattle and Alessandra Sanguinetti, amongst others.

You can see more at the PHOTO SHANGAI site HERE.

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