Friday, August 28, 2015

Geert Goiris - photographs loaded with mystery and surprise

Geert Goiris - Lying Awake from ROMA Publications

From time to time I come across work where I say to myself - I wish I had done that! Belgium photographer Geert Goiris is one such artist. His deceptively simple images are pregnant with meaning and are loaded with mystery and surprise. The works go way beyond the obvious and are layered with possibilities. Goiris avoids the problems that we all face where work only deals with description and surface. There is so much more going on in his photographs. The work is demanding, hard to figure out, there is a strange narrative and that's what pulls you back for more. It is not easy making work like this, where so often intelligence can give way to cleverness. Geert Goiris clearly knows the difference.

And Geert Goiris also makes photobooks, these are worth checking out too. You can see more on his site HERE.

Below are works from Geert Goiris' series Resonance. I particularly like how he moves from B&W to color and how superficially the images seem to bear little relationship one to another.

Geert Goiris - Andrea, 2011

Geert Goiris - Albino, 2003

Geert Goiris - Ecologist Place, 2006

Geert Goiris - Wave Land, 2002

Geert Goiris - The Pagodas, 2001

Geert Goiris - Polar Line, 2002

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