Friday, September 12, 2014

Paul Graham, Does Yellow Run Forever? TIME LightBox talks to Mack about the project

LightBox: Your working relationship with Paul Graham dates back seven books and more than a decade to American Night. What draws you to his work?

Michael Mack: Paul’s practice involves a compelling use of straight photography documenting everyday moments to invoke significant notions. He uses the blank observational capacity of the medium to transform the banal and the mundane into work which is engaged with very human issues. I think that this is incredibly tough to do, especially with his lightness of touch which avoids the mawkish grandiloquence endemic to such concerns. And he constantly challenges us to explore what is possible in that process of translating his work and ideas into a book. If you look back, his career has involved an extraordinary collection of books. And this new book is once again wonderfully original – it is a tiny, gem-like object, intimate and personal, like a hand-made diary.

You can read the full interview, LightBox talks to Michael Mack,  HERE.

Paul Graham, Does Yellow Run Forever?
Currently showing at PACE Gallery New York, finishing October 4. You can see more of the show HERE.

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