Thursday, September 25, 2014

ARAM TANIS, master of the typological and more...

Aram TanIs - Binding Image

Aram TanIs - Binding Image, Oscar Pistorius

Dutch interdisciplinary artist Aram TanIs started his blog Binding Image in 2007. He has created a platform for a fascinating typological assembly of images from current events to everyday trends. TanIs finds images from facebook, newspapers, television, books and even advertisements. This is a crash course in looking at the everyday, the ignored and the obvious. It's both serious, funny and sometimes violent. TanIs's practice is a study of isolation, standardization and mass production and via Binding Image a strategy to confront readers with subjects they often pass by. 

Apart from Binding Image, Aram TanIs's art output is well worth a look.
His website HERE presents a series of his projects and bookworks. And you can go to Binding Image HERE.

Aram TanIs - Almost Blue

Aram TanIs - Publications

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