Thursday, June 12, 2014

Collier Schorr - 8 Women

photo-eye asked me to select and review a Book of the Week. I chose Collier Schorr's puzzling new bookwork 8 Women. Here is what I wrote...

In her new bookwork 8 Women, Collier Schorr has abandoned the German countryside and has moved inside the studio. What’s not been lost is the fundamental landscape of desire that continues to permeate her work, where the reader inevitably questions the nature of the relationship between Schorr and her subjects. These profoundly enigmatic photographs deal with identity, power and issues of gender and sit on the edge of knowing and not knowing. Unsettlingly, the work picks at the scabs of our own past relationships. This is a loaded and layered series that leaves the reader never quite knowing what is going on and what they are looking at. Richard Prince says that this is Schorr’s best bookwork, I think he may well be right.

You can buy the book from photo-eye HERE.

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Yay I found this really interesting Harvey! Thanks for posting it up! H