Thursday, June 5, 2014

Clare Strand - Further Reading

Clare Strand is a British camera artist whose work I have long admired. Strand is a risk taker and is not content to simply investigate the obvious. Here work transcends boundaries and takes photography to new and exciting places. Currently she has a show called Further Reading, at the National Museum in Krakow as part of the Krakow Photomonth.

Throughout Clare Strand’s photographic career, her projects have been underpinned by the act of “research.” Strand began collecting vernacular and functional imagery at a young age, and has, over the course of two decades, amassed her own personal archive of utilitarian imagery, describing her method as “like wearing a magnetic suit and seeing what it attracts, or rolling in the grass and seeing what you pick up on your jumper.  

The "Further Reading" exhibition showcases a cross-section of  Clare Strand's output, a British artist working in photography, video and installation. Many of Strand’s projects are inspired by photos made for functional usages – in criminal cases, instruction manuals or parascientific visual materials created by Spiritists. These provide her with a starting point for her individual, humorous aesthetic quests. By playing with conventions, Strand also constantly challenges the received wisdom that photography shows the truth.

Clare Strand is a multidisciplinary photographic artist based in Brighton, England. She has exhibited extensively both in England and abroad. Her work is held in major collections such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Centre Georges Pompidou. Recent publications include Clare Strand Monograph (Steidl, 2009) and Skirts (GOST Books, 2013). Strand is also half of the ideas-based collaborative team MacDonaldStrand,

If you don't plan to be in Poland anytime soon (exhibition closes August 17) you can see the show and its installation on Clare Strand's tumblr site HERE. Her website is well worth checking out too - HERE.

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