Thursday, December 12, 2013

Photographers whose work I like - No23/ Chad Muthard

From the city that brought us Noam Chomsky, Robert Crumb and John Coltrane, Philadelphia based photographer Chad Muthard is an artist who makes work that has an edgy sense of disquiet, gently questioning and giving no hint of any answers. Muthard deals in allusions with his strange open-ended WTF images.  His narratives are not straightforward, ideas play off each other both visually and conceptually with humor, pathos and often a sense of tender sadness.

Muthard's latest bookwork FOLLOW MY LEAD AFTER YOU was released in September. There are pictures in this work I wish I had made.
You can see more by going to Chad Muthard's site HERE where you can buy the book direct.

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kwarkito said...

thanks ... I did not know him...