Saturday, December 7, 2013

PARIS PHOTO 2013 and Paris in November

PARIS PHOTO - more photobooks you can ever see in a lifetime
Back in my studio and time to think about my month in Paris and the PARIS PHOTO experience in particular. There is no doubt that PARIS PHOTO is the bench-mark for photography art-fairs anywhere. Not only the place to see photographs but where to go to catch-up with photo friends, make contacts and allow the happenstance of chance and luck to kick in. For example, my last year's encounter with SUPERLABO publisher Yasunori Hoki and the subsequent publication, this year, of the LOST HOME collaborative edition only happened because I was at PARIS PHOTO 2012.

You can compare PARIS PHOTO to the massive container ship in the movie Captain Phillips. The ship powers on full of containers loaded with goods much of which you can never possibly see. All the while the pirates hover wanting a part of the action. This year fotofever opened in the carrousel de louvre, then there is Offprint at beaux-arts de Paris, Le Photobookfest at picturetank in Belleville. And much more, not to mention the very many photography shows in public and dealer galleries.

The bottom line is that if you want total photography immersion, Paris is a must in November. And it must be PARIS PHOTO. Despite its daunting mass it is the place to be. This year the fair presented 136 photography galleries from 24 countries, 28 specialist book publishers and had a tally of 55,239 visitors.

My pick are the galleries showing smaller works, a preference echoed by curator Wim Van Sinderen from the FOTOMUSEUM in the Haag who told me that in his view small is the new big.

Here are four galleries that stood out for me, all showing small works of depth, substance and surprise.
Gallery Luisoti from Santa Monica CA with works by Lewis Baltz, Ron Jude and John Divola. Gallery Priska Pasquer with works by Manfred Willmann, Alexandra Catiere and Shomie Tomatsu. ROBERT MORAT / GALERIE with work by Marten Lange, Bertien van Manen and Bernhard Fuchs. MAGNIN-A with work by Mama Casset, Malick Sidibé and J.D.'Okhai Ojeikere.

Lewis Baltz at Gallery Luisoti

Alexandra Catiere at Gallery Priska Pasquer

Bernhard Fuchs at Robert Morat Galerie


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