Thursday, October 24, 2013

The 6th FotoBookFestival opens today in Kassel

The 6th FotoBookFestival pays homage to Daido Moriyama's book opus through numerous programme items and `events.

Daido Moriyama is one of the most important living photographers and photobook makers of current times. His career began during the sixties in Tokyo, where he became a member of the influential Provoke group that created the most important style of Japanese post-war avant-garde photography. His oeuvre plays a central part in the establishment of Japanese photography as one of the important creative developments in the history of photography. In more than 50 years, Moriyama gained fame through his coarse, contrast-rich, partly unfocussed and highly grainy black-and-white photography, in which he deals which urban experiences, especially around the streets of Tokyo. His immense influence on young Japanese artists continues to date. Apart from B+W photography, Moriyama works with color, Polaroid’s, screen-printing, film, texts and installation. His fame is predominantly due to the more than 150 photobooks that he has continuously published, including masterpieces like Japan, A Photo Theatre (1968), Farewell Photography (1972), Light & Shadow (1982) and Shinjuku (2002).

During three action packed days there will be lectures and presentations from Gerry Badger, Remi Coignet, Gosta Flemming, Aron Morel, Ferdinand Bruggemann, Yasunori Hoki, Simon Baker, John Gossage and much more. Plus the Photobook Dummy Award.

You can see the full programme HERE.

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