Sunday, October 13, 2013 independent imprint for photography

Formerly known as Lay Flat, Lavalette is an independent publisher of limited edition photography books and multiples. Founded in 2009 by photographer Shane Lavalette, the studio works collaboratively with emerging and established artists to produce books that both express a vision and exist as artful objects in themselves. In addition to artist books, they publish Lay Flat, a periodic journal devoted to contemporary photography in which each issue takes on a new theme and format.

Lavalette's latest publication available for pre-order

Lavalette also produces an action packed blog which you can go to HERE. The blog publishes a series of "conversations" where regular contributors such as Lucas Blalock and Tim Davis talk to practitioners who are engaged with the contemporary and cutting edge coal face of photography, most decidedly about now and certainly not then.

Lucas Blalock in conversation with Kate Steciw
Judging from the 6,437 facebook likes I'm not the only one who values Lavalette as an important photography resource, well worth keeping an eye on. You can go there HERE.

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