Sunday, December 30, 2012

Photography blogs, books and shows - the year's best from THE WORD

If you want an idiosyncratic and different take on the best 2012 photo blogs, books and shows, the good people from Belgium based WORD MAGAZINE deliver...

They say this about themselves:  Word Magazine isn’t a magazine about photography, fashion, music and art. It is a magazine about and for people who love it. The magazine documents contemporary living, photography, fashion, music and art. It is a magazine with both an international tone and a thick Belgian accent, about and for interesting and interested people. With its unique take on contemporary photography, we spot and support both emerging and established photography talent, acting as a platform for image makers to develop and present new works. 

What they have to say is well worth a read and a look. You can go there HERE... Below is just a taste, there is much more on-line.

From Jurgen Maelfeyt
From Felicia Atkinson
From Bartolome Sanson
From Alex Salinas

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