Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Le Journal de la Photographie - your daily photography fix

Born from a dream and from our assessment that in the current new medias no one was covering photography in its entire extent, our Lettre shares and informs daily on the events in the world of photography.
Available in English and French, Le Journal is featured in the form of a “newsletter”, a web site and an iPad application to all audiences interested in photography
Subscription, which is free, enables the user to access to a summary of the articles. A hyperlink will lead you to the full text. 
Our source of information is endless as we have made an inventory of over 400 major galleries devoted to photography, 50 photo festivals, 17 months of Photography – inspired by the one launched in 1980 in Paris by Jean-Luc Monterosso.
There are as well 25 auction houses that have featured their images. All major museums today posses a photography department. The Metropolitan, the MoMa, the Whitney, the MEP, le Jeu de Paume, the Tate Modern… Two new photography museums have just opened in San Francisco and in Los Angeles.
In Moscow, in January 2011 the opening of the Museum of Photography by Olga Sviblova featuring 9,000m2 was covered by the press internationally.
When we enter ‘photography’ in the search engines today, 333 million available links are listed; original prints that would go for a few thousand some fifteen years ago are now sold for 20 or 30 times more.
Over a million dollars for Avedon’s “Dovima and the Elephants” sold at Paris-Photo 2011, 500,000 U$D for Stephanie Seymour’s nude, also by Avedon, sold in Germany in December 2010, 2 million dollars for three images by Richard Prince. Andreas Gursky’s value has multiplied by 50 since 1999. His photograph “99 cents II” is an absolute record standing at 3 million dollars.
Because there are a few web sites that gather all the information of this world in constant expansion; Because no magazine today captures the mutation of the photographic world and its extraordinary richness; Because there is no web site or application that deals with photography on a daily basis; Because there is no world agenda of photographic events;
Because there is no place of open expression and editorial quality that allows the diffusion and broadcast of information to a qualified audience interested in photography;
Accessible photography for everyone is essential.

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