Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thirteen photo-book editions at Snake Pit, Auckland

For those of you in Auckland, come along to the Snake Pit tomorrow night at 6pm for the launch of 13 totally new, completely different photo-books produced by UNITEC Photography and Media Arts students. The books are the result of a two day workshop conducted with Yvonne Todd, Marie Shannon, and myself.

Artists: Rachel Alford-Evans, Hayley Bethell, Erin Geurts, John Haydn, Leilani Heather, Marc McFadyen, John Mead, Alice Mitchell, Delena Nathuran, Bertie Plaatsman, Sonya Roussina and Talia Smith.

One-night Stand - Photo-book launch, Snake Pit, 33 High Street
Thursday 27th September 6-8 pm

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