Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cologne, PIMP the TIMP - Vol 11, CHINA STORIES

Harvey Benge - Sian 2007
Curated by Cologne gallerist Tina Schelhorn, with work from 45 international photographers, PIMP the TIMP Volume 11 - CHINA STORIES, opens in Cologne this Friday. 

China is a country of contrasts. It is one of the oldest advanced civilizations, and one of the most populous countries in the world on its way to become politically and economically a world power. Communist-ruled, but characterized by an unrestrained capitalism, rich in natural beauty, but with rampant environmental degradation, a growing class of privileged  millionaires and abject poverty, China represents the dualism of extremes. The images and stories are countless as the myriad of lights of the big cities. International photographers show different perspectives on modern China, document the changes and reminisce about spirits and shamans. The pictures in this exhibition deal with large landscapes and intimate scenes of everyday life. The speed of change and the extremes in a surreal society are reflected in the work.

You can go to the PIMP the TIMP site HERE.

Wang Qingsong
Wolfgang Zurborn
...and now some pictures from Friday's vernissage...

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