Saturday, May 14, 2011

MACK - A new publisher

The creation of a new publishing house is such a rare event that it must be announced. We have become so accustomed to hearing about publishing’s decline that this is an initiative worth talking about!

The presentation is simple: “MACK is an independent publishing house open to artists, writers, and curators who would like to create intellectually stimulating projects through books, from sumptuous avant-garde material objects to digital editions.”
Mack, from his name Mickael Mack, was a long-standing independent editor before becoming General Director of Steidl books. He will remain at the renowned German publishing house while launching the more experimental MACK books.

The first book was released in October, 2010: Nature’s Map, the catalogue for Thomas Demand’s exhibition at the villa Paloma in Monaco included a CD, and a mini book with unreleased texts by Luigi Ghirri.
So far this year several new works have been released including: Roe Etheridge (That’s Luxury), Lars Turnbjörk (L.A office), Taryn Simon (A Living Man Declared Dead and other Chapters), and Mark Dion with the Monaco based exhibition Oceanomania, and coming soon, Gerry Johansson, Andres Petersen or Dan Holdsworth.
A digital version of the V&A exhibition catalogue devoted to South African photography, Figures and Fictions, will also be released as well as several limited editions.

Patrick Rémy, Paris

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