Saturday, May 7, 2011

IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT - New instant colour film for Polaroid 600 Cameras

Impossible has just released the long awaited new Instant Colour Film for Polaroid 600 cameras. Discontinued in 2008, the legendary Polaroid 600 colour film is by now hard to find and sorely missed by millions of photographers. Impossible has now filled this colour-less gap with a new generation instant colour film. The PX 680 Color Shade FF works in all Polaroid 600 cameras as well as all Polaroid SX 70 cameras equipped with a neutral density filter.

Impossible have this to say: We are truly proud and very excited to release this long awaited, brand new color film for Polaroid 600 cameras. The First Flush Edition of the PX 680 Color Shade film fills the gap left by the legendary, by now hard to find Polaroid 600 film and introduces a magical new color palette within the classic white frame. Utilizing a completely new formula with all new components, this magnificent film delights with colorful images that are reminiscent of the finest characteristics of the legendary Polaroid materials.

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