Saturday, October 30, 2010

White Press is cooking!

With Christoph and Markus Schaden in the kitchen White Press are bound to cook up some innovative and tempting new photo books with the freshest of ingredients. With nine great custom-made books since 2008 this is an imprint to watch. And collect!

They say this about themselves, "The White Lines follow new directions in print, focusing on the paramount discipline of the photo book. Coming from photographing, collecting, designing, producing and selling, here is where it all comes together. White Press Editions start off with a white piece of paper in mind. Then we begin to think and create — always in close coop with the author/photographer. Boosted by the community and carefully guided by Christoph Schaden, each book carries the individual features it deserves in the end. It’s a bit like cooking: Almost all possible ingredients are widely known. The combination and balance makes the recipe."

You can check out White Press here:

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