Monday, December 7, 2009

Paris / London picture edit.... first look are some first runs over the target, pictures I'll look at again and might use, might not..... these ones from London.

I came across these thoughts from Gabriel Orozco, good to have in the mind's eye while editing.

......Orozco pays meticulous attention to what he calls the "liquidity of things" as seen in mundane and evanescent objects and elements of everyday life- the momentary fog on a polished piano top, a deflated football, tins of cat food balanced on watermelons, light through leaves, the screech of a tire, chess pieces on a chessboard. "People forget that I want to disappoint," he has said. "I use that word deliberately. I want to disappoint the expectations of the one who waits to be amazed. When you make a decision someone is going to be disappointed because they think they know you. It is only then that the poetic can happen."

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