Wednesday, December 9, 2009

get the picture.....

... is a photographers collective based in Paris, so far with six members. My connection to get the picture came about via facebook and one of the collectives members Simon Kossoff. Simon is originally from Brighton England, but now lives in Kansas City.
My introduction to Simon came through a mutual friend Marcus Haydock, a very fine and perceptive photographer whom I met some years ago when I gave a talk at Brighton University. I have always said the world of photography is really small. So here is proof.

In Paris this November I met gtp member Damien Lafargue and
was royally entertained at his home over dinner. As I live and work for much of the time in Auckland it is easy to feel isolated and disenfranchised. It therefore comes as a great pleasure to meet these photographers who not only are pleasant and generous individuals but also share a photographic vision keeping me connected to the World.

Here are some pictures from Simon Kossoff. I think you will see why there is a connection......

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