Sunday, December 24, 2017

It seems photographers are desperate to learn about photobook editing and sequencing!

My blog has just clicked over 1 million pages views. My first post was in May 2007 and I've made 1,338 posts since then. 

The most read post, was published in March 2012. I wrote about my take on photobook editing and sequencing. With 18,232 page views, I thought it worthwhile to reprise...

Here goes:  Anybody who has ever made a photobook has started out with a system, a methodology of going about it. A way of (hopefully) making it brilliant. Much has been said about this subject and guidelines laid down by people who know more than most.  Think Gerry Badger and John Gossage. Yet still, why is it that so many photobooks I look at just don't cut it?

Right now I'm in the process of editing, sequencing and designing a new bookwork so this post is really written to myself, a reminder of things I must remember not to forget. I've written about this before but the fundamentals can bear repeating over and over again...

You can read the complete piece HERE

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