Saturday, December 31, 2016

Photographers who deal wih the World's issues...

Annie Tritt

Arsty, my go to and favorite online art resource reports and suggests we follow: Those 20 Photographers who Understand the World’s Most Important Issues.

They say this: As our quest for authenticity grows by the day and trust in official media outlets wanes, some are looking to get their information directly from the original source. Instagram continues to be a valuable platform on which some of the year’s news events have been photographed by those closest to their core—before news cameras have arrived—and as such offers some of the most genuine depictions of key struggles facing our world. With the help of insight provided by Instagram’s community team, we surveyed the year’s biggest events and issues, and those that we’ll face in 2017, to pick out 20 accounts to follow to keep up in a rapidly changing world.

The piece is well worth a read you can go there HERE. And get following...

Here are some of the photographers:

Abbie Trayler-Smith
Mark Peterson

Brittany Greeson

Camille Seaman

Matilde Gattoni

Devin Allen

Ronny Sen

David Guttenfelder

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