Monday, September 5, 2016

Melody-Jazz and Zana-Lee Makavani: ALIEN TINGS

At the recent Zine Fest held here in Auckland, after wading through all the text and graph works, I came across one of the few photo based zines to be seen. The work ALIEN TINGS was made by Niuean sisters, photographer Melody-Jazz Makavani and designer Zana-Lee. The handmade book of 16 pages was produced in an edition of only 5 copies.

To describe ALIEN TINGS: authentic, crazy, bizarre, risky, funny, original and above all accomplished. See for yourself below. Melody-Jazz is a first year photography student at Auckland's Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. I'm looking forward to seeing what she and sister Zana-Lee come up with next. I can't give you a website link because the girls don't have a site. You can find them on instagram HERE.

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