Monday, August 8, 2016

AMERICAN COWBOY - A book from Karoliina Paatos

Karoliina Paatos is a Finish photographer who over the last six years has been making pictures in Nevada, Oregon and Idaho. The work has just been published in a beautifully produced volume by Ljubljana based publisher and blogger the angry bat. The book is 120 pages, on a superb ivory stock, it's a sewn hardback with an open spine.
As for the work, the best pictures are the portraits and the landscapes. The portraits are intimate and revealing made in the manner of Alec Soth. The landscapes are big, powerful and brooding. Overall the images look like they have been made by somebody from a different culture and that's no bad thing. The land seems remote and alien, weathered and worn like many of the inhabitants. We are left wondering what stories these people could tell, what their lives are like. Are they Donald Trump supporters?

You can go to Karoliina Paatos web site HERE and the angry bat HERE.

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