Saturday, June 4, 2016

Offprint London, my greatest hits...

Again this year photobook empresario Yannick Bouillis has produced his mind-boggling Offprint in the cavernous turbine hall at Tate Modern. This is a total mind bender, so many publishers, so many books, so much, almost too much. My approach is to zero in to the people I know, like and respect for what they do. This saves a lot of time and I get to the good stuff faster. Here, in no particular order, is my photographic list of go-to favorites...

Dan Rule and  team, Perimeter Books, Australia

The artists from Artists' Book Cooperative

London based independent publisher Maxwell Anderson

Corinne Noordenbos and friends at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Ramón Reverté and team from Spanish imprint EDITORIAL RM

The amazing Elisabeth Tonnard and Joachim Schmid

The incomparable Eleanor Macnair and Clare Strand at GOST

Ofer Wolberger mastemind of Brooklyn based Horses Think

Aron Morel and friend at Morel Books

Bruno Ceschel, of Self Publish, Be Happy

Yasunori Hoki, publisher, SUPER LABO, Japan

Yannick Bouillis with Ian Sternthal from Sternthal Books

And some links: Perimeter Books / Artists' Book Cooperative / Maxwell Anderson Bemojake / Royal Academy of Art The Hague / EDITORIAL RM / Elisabeth Tonnard / Joachim Schmid / Eleanor Macnair / Clare Strand / Horses Think / Morel Books / Self Publish, Be Happy / SUPER LABO / Sternthal Books / Offprint London 2016 /

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