Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Photobooks - best of 2015, my list


Martin Amis at the photobookstore UK asked me to compile my "best list" for 2015. You can check it out below. And while you are at it you can go to the photobookstore and have a look at their other lists. Recommendations from among others: Simon Baker, Mark Power, Erik Kessels, Pierre Bessard... HERE.

Ron Jude - Lago - quiet authenticity shines in this book which is full of unexpected surprises 

Goran Bertok - Requiem, a direct and uncompromising meditation on the subject of death

J H Engstrom - Random, crazy juxtapositons in Engstom’s signature style, mirrors life itself

Daido Moriyama - Dazai - a beautiful object full of stunning, superbly printed Daido works

Viviane Sassen - Umbra - light and shadow collide in Sassen’s crazy universe

Carlos Spottorno - Wealth Management - a timely take on the influence of global finance

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