Friday, February 20, 2015

Photographers whose work I like - No26/ Anton Renborg


I came across Anton Renborg's beautiful bookwork, Notices de la Corse in Paris last November. Anton was kind enough to agree to a book swap and his book arrived this week. Anton is a Swedish photographer who is based in both Paris and Stockholm. He says this about himself: I grew up in Örebro, a small town in central Sweden. My parents were both very hard working people but different from each other. My mum was all about ballet and horses, always talking about movement and grace, while my dad reached for his guitar and a bit of fun, when ever the chance was there. I guess I became a mix of all that.

Notices de la Corse, is a quietly introspective sort of a book, beautifully designed and printed with photographs that transport the reader to another place. Memory is triggered for me as Renborg's pictures bring back to life the nostalgia of my own past. These simple enigmatic images slowly reveal their layers of meaning, understated and authentic. Not loud, not clever, it's this charm that demands that I keep looking. And I do.

I hope that Anton Renborg's book gets the attention it deserves, it is a wonderful book.

Notices de la Corse, published in 2014 by Filigranes Editions, in an edition of 800 copies.

Below are some spreads from Notices de la Corse. You can see more of Anton Renborg's work HERE.

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