Thursday, October 23, 2014

Richard Prince Sucks - artnet news writer Paddy Johnson tells it like it is

Richard Prince - New Portraits, installation view. Photo: Paddy Johnson

It's refreshing to read Paddy Johnson's review on artnet news of Richard Prince's Gagosian NYC show and discover a critic who refuses to slip into empty adoring description and is not afraid to say what she thinks.

Richard Prince has taken over the Gagosian showroom located behind their bookstore on Madison Avenue. He's filled the space with 38 portraits, each 65 by 48 inches, taken from his Instagram feed. It's a stark room populated by Internet pages, printed on canvas, enlarged, and hung tightly together. The most remarkable feature of the show is that the printouts are reflected perfectly in Gagosian's shiny floor. Thin offerings for anyone who is in possession of a brain.

Among the Instagram posts Prince has selected are topless images of models (including Cara Stricker), artists posing suggestively (including Kay Goldberg), and salacious portraits of celebrities known for being pretty (including Pamela Anderson, Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger, and Kate Moss). Underneath the images and comments, Prince shares his thoughts...
He writes under young singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira's portrait of herself in the passenger seat of a red sports car: “Enjoyed the ride today. Let's do it again. Richard."

This kind of sexism isn't okay, and in this exhibition it's pervasive. 

You can read the complete review on artnet news HERE. And go to the artnet news site HERE.

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