Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Newsprint Publication Award 2014

Bookdummypress and Reminders Photography Stronghold have joined forces to launch a  publication award for international photography focused on the newsprint medium. The award celebrates newsprint’s contribution to the ever evolving creativity of self-publishing.

This award is intended to stimulate photographers to take a fresh approach towards newsprint as a vehicle and to introduce practitioners to self-publishing and self-distribution of their work.

Newsprint is a medium with minimal commercial strings attached and it allows for a range of experimentation. It has the potential of reaching a diverse audience, where work can be spread widely, with speed.

Submissions are accepted until March 31st. There is no entry fee. Submissions must consist of a coherent project suitable for production as a 24 page newsprint publication, in tabloid size, either in color or black and white. The winning entry will be published and exhibited in Tokyo and distributed to a wide audience. You can see the application details HERE.

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