Friday, September 20, 2013

PHOTOBOOK AWARD 2013 at the 6th FotoBookFestival, Kassel

The 6th FotoBookFestival presents the Photobook Award 2013, with nominations of the best photobooks from the previous year, selected by a jury of well known photography experts from around the world. Each expert chooses his or her own favourite book. Here are the nominations:

Gerry Badger: Lieko Shiga »Rasen Kaigan«
Daniel Boetker-Smith: Louis Porter »Conflict Resolution«
Iatã Cannabrava: Miguel Rio Branco »Você Está Feliz«
Christophe Crison: Tamiko Nishimura »Eternal Chase«
Julieta Escardó: Raúl Gómez | Rodrigo Gomez-Rovira »Repertoire«
Atsushi Fujiwara: Yoshiichi Hara »Tokoyo no Mushi«
Sawako Fukai: Stephen Gill »Coexistence«
Ángel Luis González: Paul Gaffney »We Make the Path by Walking«
Jacqueline Hassink: Edmund Clark »Control Order House«
Sebastian Arthur Hau: Lieko Shiga »Rasen Kaigan«
Takashi Homma: Ed Ruscha »Ed Ruscha and Some Los Angeles Apartments«
Clément Kauter: Toshithugu Yamawaki »Dual I & II«
Hester Kejser: Paul Kooiker »Heaven«
Erik Kessels: Jan Dirk van der Burg »Censorship Daily. Netherlands – Iran«
Onaka Koji: Hiro Tanaka »Dew Dew, Dew Its«
Russet Lederman: Shomei Tomatsu »Photographs 1951-2000«
Frederic Lezmi: Carlos Spottorno »The Pigs«
Lu Liqing: Ken Kitano »Our Face: Asia«
Satoshi Machiguchi: Daido Moriyama »View from the Laboratory«
Thomas Mailaender: Thomas Sauvin »Silvermine«
Tomoki Matsumoto: Antoine d’Agata »Anticorps«
Alessandra Mauro: Alessandro Imbriaco »The Garden«
Aron Koriech Morel: Antony Cairns »LDN2«
Martin Parr: Max Pinckers »Fourth Wall«
Mark Pearson: Jin Ohashi »Surrended Myself to the Chair of Life«
André Principe: Sakiko Nomura »Nude / A Room / Flowers«
Rui Ribeiral: Mike Brodie »A Period of Juvenile Prosperity«
Markus Schaden: Carlos Spottorno »The Pigs«
Ken Schles: Bryan Graf »Wildlife Analysis«
Mary Virginia Swanson: Michael Berman »Gila«
Aya Takada: Tamiko Nishimura »Eternal Chase«
Olga Yatskevich: Peter Dekens »Touch«
Cäcilia Zöller: Carlos Spottorno »The Pigs«
Wolfgang Zurborn: David Alan Harvey »(based on a true story)«

The 6th FotoBookFestival pays homage to Daido Moriyama with a packed program of events and releases.
Daido Moriyama is one of the most important living photographers and photobook makers of current times. His career began during the sixties in Tokyo, where he became a member of the influential Provoke group that created the most important style of Japanese post-war avantgarde photography. His oeuvre plays a central part in the establishment of Japanese photography as one of the important creative developments in the history of photography. In more than 50 years, Moriyama gained fame through his coarse, contrastrich, partly unfocussed and highly grainy black-and-white photography, in which he deals which urban experiences, especially around the streets of Tokyo. His immense influence on young Japanese artists continues to date. Apart from B+W photography, Moriyama works with color, Polaroid’s, screen-printing, film, texts and installation. His fame is predominantly due to the more than 150 photobooks that he has continuously published—including masterpieces like »Japan—A Photo Theatre« (1968), »Farewell Photography« (1972), »Light & Shadow« (1982) and »Shinjuku« (2002).

The 6th FotoBookFestival runs October 24 to 27 in Kassel, Germany. You can see more HERE.

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