Sunday, August 25, 2013

Harvey Benge - new bookwork: some things you should have told me

My new book work - some things you should have told me - designed by Kummer and Herrman in Utrecht and published by Dewi Lewis Publishing in the UK will be available in October 2013.

With photographs made in Paris, London, New York and Rome, this new intensely personal, some might say autobiographical book, is enigmatically entitled some things you should have told me. It is a remorseless meditation of loss and misadventure, pain and impermanence, the inevitability of change. The reader is invited to ask what should have been told: Who is the You? Who is the Me? Questions are asked; there are no answers.
However you look at them, Harvey Benge’s photographs are mostly urban and generally strange. His work is mysterious; nothing is solid. The pictures capture contrasts and conflicts which leave you wondering what has just happened and what might happen next.
Benge gives voice to the mundane and overlooked. His open-ended photographic sequences record small moments of everyday life that flash past with tension and ambiguity: an urban dream on the edge of reality where figures retreat, seats are empty, phones don’t work. Any and every interpretation is a valid interpretation. What is going on? You decide.

Here are some page spreads:

You can see the complete series by going to my website HERE.

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