Sunday, January 27, 2013

PARIS DIARY - Here, There, Everywhere...

Back in December I wrote a post about Austin Kleon's creative manifesto. One of the points Kleon made was that geography is no longer our master. In effect I can sit here in Auckland (on this bright summer's Sunday morning) and be and reach anywhere I want to.

This prompted me to have a look at the locations, cities and streets, where my new PARIS DIARY has ended up. Below is a random selection of google street views showing the books new homes. Other locations include, Finland, Lancashire in the UK, several copies to California, NY State, Wisconsin and various locations in Germany. Yes indeed we do live in a global village.

Sao Paulo Brazil

Blois France

Hamburg Germany

Trondheim Norway

New York NY USA

Berlin Germany

Brisbane Australia
Sincere thanks to all those who like my work and have bought this book.


Sevillian said...

You forgot Warsaw Poland :)

Mike C said...

I received my copy today - very nice! Keeps getting better. Thanks.

Robert McComb said...

Received my copy a few days ago - wonderful work - many thanks!