Sunday, July 29, 2012

TIMEMACHINE Issue 6 now online

TIMEMACHINE is an online photography project edited by Lee Grant with contributions from Tom Williams and Sarah Rhodes Based in Australia, the quarterly editions aim to showcase recent and long-term projects by Australian and international photographers.

The photographers showcased in issue 6,  ATOMIC, are Jessie Boylan and Anthony Kelly, Guillame Herbaut, Barry W. Hughes, Miyako Ishiuchi, Alex James, Mark Klett, Robert Knoth and Michael Light.

TIME MACHINE says this: From documentary to conceptual imagery, the issue presents the message that nuclear energy is both invisible and insidious. Robert Knoth’s images of the Fukushima landscape are disconcerting in their beauty. He shows abandoned and overgrown rural settings, where the radiation-affected trees are starting to look like ancient forests. Guillame Herbaut's photographs have an eerie feeling as if he is photographing something ethereal, not tangible.  His poisoned forests are haunting as he shows them slowly die. Jess Boylan has contributed the essay about her trip out to Maralinga, in South Australia, looking at the site where the British tested 12 atomic bombs and made hundreds of smaller trials. She found the landscape layered with history and memories which made for an unsettling experience.
Tokyo-based photo consultant Yumi Goto is interviewed about her involvement in curating and editing images coming out of Fukushima. She shares some fascinating insights about digital publishing platforms, the life of images once they are taken and her interest in photographers who have an intimate relationship with their subject matter. Australian writer, Jess Scully also offers a thoughtful review of Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong's recently published book, Poppy.

You can see TIMEMACHINE issue 6 HERE

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