Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Photobook - 10 Golden Rules for photobook designers

I came across the following slide show, 10 Golden Rules for Photobook Designers. Designers and photographers should commit these rules to memory. I couldn't find a link to this so I could credit, if anybody knows please let me know. Not surprisingly the post originated in The Netherlands, home of some of the best book designers anywhere.

Since making this post my friend Gabriele in Hamburg tells me that the author of the photobook designer rules is the Dutch designer Sybren Kuiper who among other things designed Viviane Sassen's book Flamboya. You can see more HERE.


Gabriele said...

Hi Harvey,
the author is Dutch Designer Sybren Kuiper, who - among other things, of course - designed Viviane Sassen's "Flamboya". Best regards from Hamburg, Gabriele

Gabriele said...

Forgot to add his url:

Harvey's Blog said...

Thanks Gabriele, appreciate that. I've updated the post and added the link... cheers from Auckland.

Johanna said...

Ahhh that was me:

appropriating & embellishing Syb's Golden Rules for a photobook symposium organised earlier this year by the Third Floor Gallery and FFotgallery in Cardiff Wales.

I think what is the original can be found here: