Friday, April 20, 2012

Paris - 5th International Photobook Festival

At Le Bal’s invitation, the 5th International Photobook Festival will be held this weekend in Paris, in this the documenta year. From today through Saturday and Sunday the photographic book will be the focus.  Apart from a riveting program of lectures and a curated market place, the festival will also present the 2012 Dummy and Photobook Awards.

One of Saturday's highlights will be the 12 noon presentation of the second edition of The PhotoBook Review. This follows edition one which was presented at last year's Paris Photo.  This time around the guest editor is Markus Schaden and judging from the cover the content will be solid. This edition covers photobook development and sequencing,  interviews with Ken Schles and Christian Patterson and pieces on Paul Graham and Michael Schmidt among others.
At 12 noon Remi Coignet will welcome Chris Boot from Aperture and Markus Schaden, in a panel discussion.
Not to be missed, I wish I was in Paris!

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n said...

Last week we had NY Antiquarian Book Fair, This week it's The Photobook Festival, next week Paris' Antiquarian Book Fair at the Grand Palais... What a blessed month!
Cheers from France,
N (ajapanesebook etc.)

Harvey's Blog said...

Hey thanks, just sorry I can't be in Paris right now!