Saturday, February 18, 2012

Joerg Colberg and his many sites

German by birth, educated with a doctorate in astrophysics, now residing in the United States Joerg Colberg is today one of the more perceptive critics and writers on contemporary photography. And at last count three active and informative photography related websites to his name.

Colberg's website Conscientious is a site dedicated to contemporary fine-art photography. It offers daily profiles of photographers, in-depth interviews, exhibition and book reviews, and general articles about photography and related issues. More detailed contents – such as the interviews and longer articles, including contributions by guest writers – can be found in the "Extended" section.

The Independent Photobook is a site founded by Colberg and Hester Keijser. Its purpose is to provide a platform for photographers to announces their independently published and/or produced photography books or zines, which are not available via Amazon or other standard outlets.

Joerg Colberg also has a YouTube channel where he presents photobooks by leafing through and talking about them. The YouTube channel is complimentary to his Conscientious site.

If you haven't seen and enjoyed any or all of these sites, they are highly recommended and a must for anybody remotely interested in the now of contemporary art photography.

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