Friday, December 30, 2011

Best Photobooks of 2011 - a list of the lists

Marc Feustel who perceptively writes the wonderful eyecurious blog, which you can check out HERE, has painstakingly pulled together a total of 52 lists where he reports 313 books were nominated overall. First place has gone to Christian Patterson's Redheaded Peckerwood with 19 votes.

Here are the lists, with thanks to Marc at eyecurious:
Brainpickings, The 11 best photography books of 2011; Sean O’Hagan (The Guardian), Photography books of the year 2011; American Photo, The best photobooks of 2011; Alec Soth, Top 20 photobooks of 2011; Rémi Coignet & Maria-Karina Bojikian, Livres de photographie: notre sélection 2011; Le Monde, Ouvrages de fête à savourer (Photographie); Jörg Colberg, My favourite photobooks this year; Tom Claxton, 2011 photobook highlights; Corey Presha, Favorite Books of 2011; Bridget Coaker, Photography Books of the Year; Yannick Bouillis, Favorite photobooks; Bart Peters, 10 favourite photobooks of 2011; Claire de Rouen, Xmas Top Ten; BJP, The best photobooks of 2011; Blake Andrews, Photography Books; Conor Donlon, Favourite Books of 2011; Sebastian Hau, “books that engaged me the most”; Larissa Leclair, The Best Books of 2011 (self and indie published); Willem Van Zoetendaal, Favorite Books of 2011; Rob Hornstra, Top Photo Books 2011; Marcel Du, Best of 2011 photobooks; Photobookstore, Our favourite photobooks of 2011; Elizabeth Avedon and friends, 2011 best photography books; NY Times Photo Department, Our Top 10 Photo Books of 2011; Time, Best of 2011: The Photobooks We Loved; Photo-eye (26 contributors), The Best Books of 2011; Laurence Vecten, 7 livres photographiques du moment, à feuilleter au coin du feu; Me, Another best books of 2011 list.

At photo-eye 26 photobook experts, including publishers, writers, photographers and photo professionals pronounce their verdict. Rinko Kawauchi's Illuminance was selected 9 times and Christian Patterson's Readheaded Peckerwood with 8 selections.
You can check out photo-eye's lists HERE.

The photo-eye list makers


n said...

Ah, 'experts' and 'awards': mostly politics and money, unfortunately?

Elizabeth Avedon said...

‎I don't think anyone is trying to be an expert, we all just love books...regarding so many lists - there were so many great photography books this year. if you love books, not a bad problem to have. All the Best in the New Year 2012!