Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Photography cooperatives and collaborations

One of the great things about this online digital age are the opportunities and possibilities for photographers to get  together and work together. Making photographs can be a very isolating business. Creating a photography cooperative helps deal with that. Five Eleven Ninety Nine is one such group.
You can check them out here: http://fiveelevenninetynine.com/about/about/

The six members, Hannah Jones, Jonny Cochrane, Samuel Bland, Simone Massera, Maria de la Iglesia and Teresa Cos have just shown their joint project A Royal Wedding at Dublin's PhotoIreland Festival.

They say this about the project.
We have created a collection of individual projects exploring the human quest for happiness in contemporary Western society. Everywhere people are dreaming of something more and better than what they currently have: aspiring to be more successful, to earn more, achieve more, be loved more – and thereby attain the state of happiness. A Royal Wedding is a metaphor for this very human characteristic. Each photographer has explored this area from a different angle, and the resulting projects use still photography, screenshots, video and sound, in the hope of encouraging reflection on how to live “happily ever after”.

And here are some images:

 Jonny Cochrane, I Want That

Simone Massera, I Am Not What You See and Hear

Teresa Cos, Through the Spaces Between Moments

Maria de la Iglesia, Happy Inside

Hannah Jones, To Happiness, Endlessly

Samuel Bland, Seamless Web

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