Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Printed Matter is pleased to announce the opening of ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative, a new exhibition surveying work from members of the print-on-demand collective ABC. The group, established in 2009 by Joachim Schmid, is a growing network of artists committed to the production and distribution of artists’ books through Print on Demand technology. The exhibition is open June 2nd - June 30th, 2011.

The opening reception was last Thursday with a conversation with group members David Schulz and Hermann Zschiegner, along with Bruno Ceschel (Self Publish, Be Happy), discussing the creative and productive implications of self-publishing and PoD distribution. Printed Matter is located at 195 Tenth Ave, between 21st and 22nd street in New York.

ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative features upwards of 60 publications representing the recent production of the cooperative’s 28 members. Taken together, the collection of books illustrate how PoD services have become a powerful platform for book artists who--with little or no upfront costs, and free of other regulative forces—are able to quickly produce and release new work that both matches their artistic intent, and exists in supply that responds directly to demand. The rising popularity and promise of the decentralized model suggests that PoD will continue to be a tremendous resource for book-makers.

The exhibition includes work by: Harvey Benge, Erik Benjamins, Victoria Bianchetti, Julie Cook, Joshua Deaner, Deanna Dikeman, T. R. Ericsson, Fred Free, Jochen Friedrich. Mishka Henner, Jean Keller, Jonathan Lewis, Michael Maranda, Lydia Moyer, Robert Pufleb, Travis Shaffer, Joachim Schmid, Andreas Schmidt, David Schulz, Andrea Stultiens, Victor Sira, Elisabeth Tonnard, Burkhard von Harder, Mariken Wessels and Hermann Zschiegner.

In conjunction with the exhibition, 16 artists have produced original 8 x 10" prints, available through Printed Matter. For more information, please email

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