Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paul Graham workshop, Santander, Spain, July 2011

PHOTOGRAPHY IS EASY, PHOTOGRAPHY IS DIFFICULT and also an amazing experience if you happen to get the chance to attend a workshop with Paul Graham. Well here's your chance! The best part of 2 weeks with Paul Graham in Santander Spain. And what's more it's FREE.

Here is all you need to know:
Applicants must be experienced in photography, and have demonstrated a commitment and knowledge of the medium over many years. This is not a workshop for beginners.
This workshop deals with photography and the world – with making images from life as-it-happens, with the visual language of seeing, perceiving the world and our place within it. The work and goals of each participant will be discussed, and encouraged. Attention will be paid to the editing process – with forming the work into a meaningful whole – for both publication and exhibition –as an integral part of the creative process. Learning to deal with scale, presence, sequence, pause, balance/ imbalance. How does one help the work ‘arrive’, and be all it could be?

DIRECTOR: The workshop will be led by Paul Graham, with some special invited guests, who will come to talk during the 2 weeks. DATE: From 4 to 15 July 2011. TIMETABLE: The workshop will be from 10.00 to 20.00. VENUE: Santander, Spain: Villa Iris, Pérez Galdós 47. FEE: Successful applicants will pay 80 € to reserve their place, which will be returned at the end of the workshop. MATERIALS: Participants will be supplied with the basic materials proposed by the workshop director. Participants are expected to provide any other special additional materials they require. The materials used by students during the workshop must be removed by them when it concludes. ASSISTANCE: Participants not local resident of Cantabria will be provided with free shared accommodation and 320 €, towards their food and living costs, which will be paid to them at the end of the workshop. At the end of the workshop the 80 € reservation fee will also be returned to all participants. Applicant’s principle expense will be transport to and from Santander.
APPLICATIONS: Applications may be submitted online at or on paper. For organizational issues and valuation, the documentation of the
applicant must be submitted in DIN A4, should not have staples, nor be bound.
Attached documentation as catalogues and leaflets will not be accepted. Any application that does not conform to this standard will be rejected. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: Photocopy of Identity Card or Passport, clearly showing portrait of applicant, date of birth and nationality. Personal information (address, telephone, email). Curriculum vitae. Text in which applicants must explain their reasons for wanting to take part in the workshop. Images of recent work may be submitted. Physical material of 10-20 press prints, catalogue, zero value artists publication, must be A4 or smaller. or: CD/DVD holding JPG or PDF, or: link to website with clear indication precisely which work you are applying with. In case of audiovisual projects, the artist can submit a DVD accompanying the dossier required. The dossier will not be returned after the application process, so do not send unique or valued material. Large/unique prints, catalogues and leaflets will not be accepted. Any application that does not conform to this standard will be rejected.
TIMELINE: The deadline for applications will close at 14.00 on 13th May 2011.
Ordinary mail applications must be received at the Fundación Botín (at calle Pedrueca 1, Santander, Spain) before 14.00 on 13th May 2011, and be clearly marked with “Paul Graham Workshop” on the envelope. The decision will be announced on or before 14 of June 2011. The reservation enrolment fee must be paid before the initiation of the workshop. LANGUAGE: The workshop will be conducted in English. SELECTION: The workshop director will select a maximum of 15 students. There shall be no right of appeal against the decision announced by the Fundación Botín.


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