Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photographers whose work I like - No 7 / Morten Andersen

I got to know Morten through out mutual friend Antoine d'Agata. Morten's work is strange and evocative. And he makes amazing photobooks. Here are some of his pictures and words he wrote...

"In general my work is about exploring, whether the subject are big cities, nature or myself and my own surrondings it is a curiosity and a concern about this subjects that makes me go out working.
With this as the only motive for taking pictures, and many years of staggering the streets of Oslo and elsewhere with a camera in hand, the pile of photographs was getting high and the need to explain and make something out of this became urgent... With things more quiet I managed to concentrate and edit the pictures and this have so far resulted in 9 books. Books where I make stories based on my personal experiences and meetings with people and places I have photographed. Not stories with a clear narration but more open and inviting. Inviting you to use your own experiences and follow the paths I suggest and make your own reality, or fiction. Since I work in the real world there is also always a documentary side to my work, document of the time and the places I photograph but with my editing and juxtapositions I try to build a tension span between reality and fiction."

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