Saturday, March 13, 2010

Auckland / Rome?

Here are two pictures. The first I made yesterday looking across Queen Street to the Auckland Town Hall and the cities under-welming Performing Arts Center, with hideous apartment blocks in the background.
For all the wrong reasons, I like the neoclassical wall cut off by the blue construction hoarding.

The other picture, I found in a retro shop as I walked into the city. Cost me $2. I assume the city is Rome. Certainly the pine trees are a give away and perhaps the road is the Via Appia Antica. The photograph is hand colored and is number 38 from a series. There appears to be the ruins of an aquaduct in the distance and I like the make-shift wooden fence lining the road.

What is the future of the buildings in my Auckland picture? Probably replaced in under a generation by something equally dire.

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TK said...

Kia ora Harvey
I know what you mean. As a child spending a wonderful amount of time holidaying in Ponsonby, Western Springs in the 70's I use to marvel at how simplistic some the urban residential areas were and how by comparison some of the architectural inference of certain retail buildings use to give me an impression (perhaps more imaginative) of Latin Rome or England. Those buildings are but a few remaining now but that impression of old is completely overwhelmed.